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More Reasons to Learn From Us:

4. To-the-point Individual Instruction, or learn the skills you need to play in a band in a group class.
5. All Styles Of Music. Whether you are interested in any style of rock, metal, blues, jazz, country or classical music, you can learn to master it at the Go Far Guitar School.
6. Any Level. It does not matter if you are a complete beginner or a professional musician, you can get the crucial skills you need here.
7. Quiet Learning Environment. Many music schools will cram you into a tiny teaching cubicle with distracting noises seeping through thin walls from the other music lessons going on concurrently. At Go Far Guitar, you have plenty of room and it is easy to hear yourself and your instructor.
8. Guitarists - Here, your electric guitar teacher can teach you the basics needed for a sturdy foundation as well as specialized techniques like two-handed techniques, speed exercises, harmonics, chord construction, second guitar parts, odd tunings, finger-picking and much more.
9. Learn the Science to Improvising. Too many electric guitar teachers will teach you a few scales and soloing licks and then it is up to you to try to make sense of them. There are secrets to soloing you will learn here, explained so that you can understand and apply them.
10. Professional Songwriting Skills. We will teach you how to create original chord progressions and the different ways you can arrange them into songs. Learn how to create unique melodies and how to improve your lyrics.
11. Bass Guitar Players - In your bass guitar lessons, we will teach you your favorite bass lines and a simple process for creating your own. In addition to teaching you the scales and arpeggios you need, you can also learn specialized techniques like slap bass, walking bass lines, soloing and much more. Whether you are a 4, 5 or 6 string bass guitar player, this is a great place to learn.
12. Singers - In our singing lessons we combine a contemporary and a classical approach to vocal lessons so that you get the best of both worlds. Master breath control. Learn proper mouth positioning. Build resonance and sustain. Increase your range and sound quality. Learn to harmonize and even to sight-sing.
13. Drastically Improve Your Sense of Rhythm. Learn our four step approach to reading rhythms that can enable you to understand and play even the most complex rhythms.
14. Centrally Located. Close to all kinds of stores so parents can drop off their kids for a lesson and do a quick errand or two. Local In-Home Lessons are available to students living in or near Woodland Hills, CA for even more convenience.
15. Ample FREE Parking! No meter-feeding necessary!

Call us today at: (818) 704-5777 to schedule a lesson.

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